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Superannuation & SMSF


SMSF & Property Acquisitions 


Investment Structure Advice


Portfolio & Investment  Management - Private wealth


Life Insurance


Estate Planning

SMSF Advisory & Annual Taxation 

Being involved with Super for so long, it feels like a second language at times. It truly is a river that never stops moving. Most of us have more wealth in Super than we do personally, its worth taking care of.


We offer the following Super Centric Services:

  • Retirement Centric Financial Planning

  • SMSF Setup & Wind up Advice

  • SMSF Taxation Advice and Administration

  • Pension establishment & Estate planning assistance

  • Property Purchase & Gearing Advice

  • Insurance​ in Super and taxation and claim assistance


All SMSF Administration is managed onshore, we pride ourselves by making sure your SMSF Tax return is lodged on time with fixed fee options. 


(Self Managed Super Fund) Is it for me?

I think by now most Australians are familiar with what an SMSF or DIY Super Fund is, the question is really, 'Is it right for me?


SMSF's are, without contest, the most flexible, transparent retirement savings vehicle available within Australia. It fits people who reserve the time to take full management control of their retirement nest egg, you become ultimately responsible for the day to day running and complete formulation of the investment strategy of the Fund.


You have the power to appoint any professional along the way.

SMSF & Property

Common Questions:

Can my SMSF buy property?

Can my SMSF Borrow to buy property?

Can my SMSF by residential or Commercial/industrial Property?

Can I buy a Commercial property and rent it back to my business?


Quick Answer:


SMSF Property.jpg

(Self Managed Super Fund) Is it for me?

Australians love property and the last couple of years have shown that as an asset class it has performed as we see record vacancy.


Using your SMSF to Invest in property comes with some strict regulations, we help you to understand them and support you through the purchasing process. 

Investment Philosophy 

We offer a fixed fee Portfolio Management Service, individually tailored to the SMSF Trustees investment strategy, goals, stage of life and risk profile. We adopt a lower trade, longer term time horizon philosophy, encompassing only quality securities. We therefore rely heavily on our portfolio construction methodology:


Portfolio Construction points: ​

  • Adoption of a multi-layered fundamental investment approach, which combines a top-down (paying attention to the 'big picture') and bottom-up (examining the fundamental performance of a stock individually contrary to sector as a whole) analysis of the underlying securities.

  • Quantitative and qualitative measures considered. • ASX200 stocks only, no speculative inclusions to manage portfolios integrity over the long term.

  • Managed Funds are integrated to achieve access to a wider product list.

  • All stocks covered by professional Independent research.

  • Weightings managed to assist with diversification risk and overweight sector issues.

  • All Portfolios are designed to offer long term fundamentally sound securities recommendations, for a period of 5 years or longer. Designed to cope with market turbulence.


​In order to stay true to our philosophy we do have minimum portfolio entry requirements, please make contact to discuss further


Investment Philosophy 

Prior to implementing any portfolios we assist you (or in partnership with your Tax adviser) on the adoption of the correct investment vehicle. Changing vehicles  down the track could trigger unwanted tax issues, getting it right from the get-go could save you time and money, best to consider;


  • Your stage of life & family situation

  • Taxation position

  • Estate planning and transfer of wealth & succession requirements

  • Asset protection needs

  • Costs benefit analysis

Life Insurance & Risk Management

Insurance plays a complementary role in your financial plan and can help to provide financial security for you and your family when it's needed most.


Insurance shouldn't be forever and should be calculated to secure your retirement plan, filling any gaps should something get in the way of your plan, weather it be temporarily or something more permanent.


Knowing which types of insurance to select depends on your circumstances. We explain what to look for.


Your superannuation fund (from retail to SMSF) may offer a low cost and potentially tax-effective place to buy insurance, getting a tax deduction for Life and TPD where you wouldn't usually. We explain the benefits and what to be aware of especially in regards to claim time and possible taxation implications. ​


Estate Planning

Thorough estate planning involves putting in place strategies that address all aspects of your situation.


Often, we assume this simply involves making it clear in a Will who we would like to inherit assets if we pass away. However, while a Will can help ensure your estate is distributed according to your wishes, it may not be effective in dealing with a significant portion of your wealth. For example, the proceeds from superannuation funds, companies, family Trusts & life insurance policies don’t automatically form part of your estate, (which can be a good & bad thing) which means that addressing these investments in your Will may be ineffective unless you take some important additional steps.


A well-prepared and executed estate plan can ensure the right assets go to the right people at the right time, in an efficient and tax-effective manner. It can also ensure that if you’re unable to make important financial and lifestyle decisions for yourself, the right person is able to step in on your behalf.


You and your adviser can then work with appropriate legal  professionals (where necessary) to implement the strategies that best meet your needs based on your key desires.

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