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Both Stacy Barnes and SuperInsight Pty Ltd ATF Barnes FT T/A NextGen Advisory are Authorised Representatives of AVALONfs Pty Ltd AFSL 437518

Life Insurance & Risk Management

Insurance plays a complementary role in your financial plan and can help to provide financial security for you and your family when it's needed most. 

Insurance shouldn't be forever and should be calculated to secure your retirement plan, filling any gaps should something get in the way of your plan, weather it be temporarily or something more permanent. 

Knowing which types of insurance to select depends on your circumstances. We explain what to look for.

Your superannuation fund (from retail to SMSF) may offer a low cost and potentially tax-effective place to buy insurance, getting a tax deduction for Life and TPD where you wouldn't usually. We explain the benefits and what to be aware of especially in regards to claim time and possible taxation implications.

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