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Both Stacy Barnes and SuperInsight Pty Ltd ATF Barnes FT T/A NextGen Advisory are Authorised Representatives of AVALONfs Pty Ltd AFSL 437518

SMSF & Property

Common Questions:

Can my SMSF buy property?

Can my SMSF Borrow to buy property?

Can my SMSF by residential or Commercial/industrial Property?

Can I buy a Commercial property and rent it back to my business?

Quick Answer:


SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund) Is it for me?

Key in the Lock

Australians love property and the last couple of years have shown that as an asset class it has performed as we see record vacancy.


Using your SMSF to Invest in property comes with some strict regulations, we help you to understand them and support you through the purchasing process. 

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